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Benefiting low-income schools across Arizona

Champions for Lee

We work toward ensuring that all aspiring youth athletes in low-income schools are given equal opportunity to succeed.


Never doubt that a low income situation will keep young athletes off the field, out of the gym or, out of the pool.

We can all acknowledge the immeasurable benefits that a youngster embraces when they participate in any sports program in school.  Experiencing camaraderie, learning how a team works together and reaping the mental and physical benefits of athletic participation, and that is just the beginning.  But what if these young athletes were never given the opportunity to experience the vast rewards that youth sports can offer?

Now, imagine that an elementary or middle school is unable to bus those young athletes to venues, provide uniforms or even offer a sports program.  That’s right, there are no less than 100 schools in Arizona that do not have the budget to fund their sports programs.  Champions for Lee, a non-profit organization, has been developed to give a ‘hand-up’ to low-income schools that either struggle financially or simply do not have the budget to offer sports programs to their students.

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Our children, regardless of which school they attend, are in vital need of the opportunities that sports programs can provide.


We organize fundraising events to support school youth sports programs

Our impact
Lifting up schools to help nurture athletic programs and offer hope for young athletes to succeed.
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Expressions of Gratitude

Champions for Lee has done amazing things for Peoria Elementary School.  They provide our school with sports equipment that we would not have been able to get otherwise to sport our students.  Additionally, they sponsored several students with scholarships as they promoted from 8th grade to high school  The scholarships will help them cover high school athletic expenses.  In some cases, it might meant the difference between a student playing high school sports or not.  Champions for Lee, on behalf of our students thank you for your generosity!

Brenda LoPresto

Peoria Elementary Principal

We were extremely fortunate to have partnered with Champions for Lee when I was principal of Santa Fe Elementary.

When Mr. Denton reached out and explained their mission to give back to schools and students whose socioeconomic status may prevent them from fully participating in athletics, we jumped at the chance to partner with them.

Champions for Lee ensured students had any equipment they needed, as well as purchasing stylish uniforms for various programs on our campus.

Sports and exercise instill teamwork, goal setting and wellness within students and sets the tone for a successful future. To have an organization like Champions for Lee help promote these attributes throughout our communities is a blessing.

John Nitschke

Santa Fe Elementary Principal
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